Entrepreneurs Show - Turkey 2019

Entrepreneurs Show – Turkey 2019

Entrepreneurs Show (www.karafarinshow.com / www.entrepreneurs.show), an entrepreneurs networking project by CODE International, which is a growing network of 3500+ active international students, techno-entrepreneurs, academics and investors. CODE International is aimed to be the largest network in China- Pakistan-Iran-Turkey axis creating unmatched opportunities for students, academics and developing entrepreneurs to be inter-connected with the entrepreneurs from neighboring and regional countries.

Our four past events i.e. 1st Entrepreneurs Show 2017 (Mashhad, Iran), 2nd Entrepreneurs Show 2018 (Mashhad, Iran), 3rd Entrepreneurs Show 2018 (Islamabad, Pakistan) and 4th Entrepreneurs Show 2019 (Konya, Turkey) are speaking the stories of our networking activities which are being supported by the prestigious institutes and entrepreneurship policy making bodies such as Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Khorasan Science and Technology Park, Sadjad University of Technology, Directorate General of Works & Cooperation of Khorasan Razavi, COMSATS University Islamabad, PlanX Pakistan, Jump Startup Pakistan, MIT Enterprise Forum of Pakistan, Selcuk University Turkey and Konya Technology Park (Teknokent).

Finalized Poster of Entrepreneurs Show 2019

Coordination & Executive Team – 4th Entrepreneurs Show 2019

Volunteer Team for 4th Entrepreneurs Show 2019

The event of Entrepreneurs Show 2019 was impossible without the volunteer support of students of Selcuk University under the team leadership of Ms. Sylvia Umuhoza Kalisa, an international student of Selcuk University from Rwanda, Africa who was supported by the Rabia Rukiye and Şüheda Müzeyyen (Turkish Students at Selcuk University).

Pre-Event Advertisement and Meetings

In the year of 2018 (January 2018), our team of CODE International visited the konya city and met with officials/authorities of Selcuk University (Prof. Dr. Mithat Direk and Prof. Dr. Hüseyin KARA– Vice rector) and Konya Technopark ( Selcuk University Tecnology Development Zone) (Prof. Dr. Birol Dag – President) to discuss the possible coordination to organize this event and also have a workshop on innovative business in Faculty of Agriculture, Selcuk University under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Mithat Direk.

After being permitted by Selcuk University, our team literally worked round the clock to make it happen in a best way. Ms. Parisa Eshaghi and Ms. H Ufuk had a comprehensive discussion and coordination to get a conclusion on the way of event will go forward. We have been in contact with many ORIC (Offices of Research, Innovation and Commercialization) director generals in Pakistan, Iran and Turkey to get their confirmation to participate in 4th Entrepreneurs Show 2019. Several posters were designed to advertise the event on all social media and local newspapers which received the attention of more than 100,000 peoples from Iran-Paksitan-Turkey as it can be view at @Karafarinshow on all social media (Instagram, facebook, telegram, twitter & Instagram).


We had communication with many prestigious universities such as Foundation University, University of Management and Technologies, Quaid-e-Azam University, COMSATS University Islamabad, University of Lahore, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Tehran University, Sadjad University of Technology, Bilkent University Turkey, Middle East Technical University and Selcuk University Konya. We also had face to face meetings with representative of Bilkent Cyberpark Turkey and ODTU-Teknokent Turkey in the search of partnership with Entrepreneurs Show.

The event was well advertised on social media, local newspapers and within the campus of Selcuk University

Call for Speakers as Developing Entrepreneurs / Startup Co-founders / Academics

More than 300 individuals (developing entrepreneurs, startup co-founders, ideas owners, academics and entrepreneurship policy makers) were on tentative list for 4th Entrepreneurs Show 2019 being short listed by CODE International from Pakistan-Iran-Turkey.

Among these 300 experts, 100 were contacted based on the priority and their areas of interest/expertise in TIP countries (Turkey-Iran-Pakistan). Shortlisted experts were divided into two categories i.e. Session based speakers and countries based speakers. Each category was divided into two sub-categories such as Invited Speakers and Developing Entrepreneurs / Startup Co-founder’s session.

Event Timeline

4th Entrepreneurs Show 2019 was divided into three sessions focusing on the key lectures, presentations of startup co-founders and networking meetings among entrepreneurs from TIP countries to work together,

Session 1. Introduction & Keynote Lectures

Session 2. Startup Ideas Presentations

Session 3. Entrepreneurs Networking Meetings

Event venue was Conference Hall of Agriculture Faculty, Selcuk University Konya. Students volunteer team under the leadership of Ms. Sylvia Umuhoza Kalisa were ready to welcome the participants and honorable guests of Entrepreneurs Show at 10:00 AM.


4th Entrepreneurs Show –2019 was opened by the recitation of Turkish national anthem at 10:00 AM and almost all special guests, developing entrepreneurs, keynote speakers / academics, investors were present during the opening ceremony of event. There were also about 200+ participants present in conference hall during the opening ceremony of event.

Keynote speakers were included academic authorities, national and international entrepreneurs, STEM education policy makers etc. After the opening ceremony, event coordinator of Entrepreneurs Show 2019 – Turkey, Ms. Sylvia Umuhoza Kalisa briefed about the annual recurring Entrepreneurs Show and invited respectable Prof. Dr. Mithat Direk, conference chair and associate professor of agi-economy at Selcuk University Konya to welcome the guests and describe the perspectives and vision of 4th Entrepreneurs Show 2019 to transform students to entrepreneurs and to network entrepreneurs in TIP countries. He presented that educational disciplines should be integrated with economy like agri-economy for the sustainable development of countries and regions.

Konya Technopark (Selcuk University Technology Development Zone) was a key supporter of this event and an important player in the techno-entrepreneurship development. Selcuk TTO and Konya Teknokent are two sides working with Selcuk University to promote techno-entrepreneurship in Konya, Turkey. Ms H. Ufuk Korkmaz, Expert of Entrepreneurship at Konya Teknokent presented the Konya Teknokent and Selcuk TTO as the co-organizer and supporter of the 4th Entrepreneurs Show 2019.

Ms. Bilge Nihan Soylu, expert at TİM TEB Girisim Enterprise Center (GirisimMerkezi), an entrepreneurship training and consultancy center in Konya Teknokent, spoke about the plans, action and perspective of techno-entrepreneurship taken to promote entrepreneurship in Konya, Turkey. She also discussed the services being offered by Girisim Enterprise center for international and local innovative entrepreneurs who are willing to start their activities in Konya, Turkey. Girisim Enterprise Center is like a home, private incubation center for those who are looking for opportunities to settle their business in Konya and its neighborhood.

CODE International has presented to more than 3500+ experts in Pakistan-Iran-Turkey directly in more than 100 seminars, workshops and meetings its 4th Entrepreneurs Show in turkey was the first phase of completion of circle of TIP countries. The achievements of CODE interntional in last 2 years since its establishment was presented by Dr. Muhammad Irfan-Maqsood, chief executive of CODE International. He discussed the aim of CODE International to coup with this conspiracy theory by implementing the model of “multinational startup co-founders” from TIP countries and the Entrepreneurs Show is the event for networking of TIP co-founders as pathway to achieve this aim.


Prof. Dr. Shagufta Akhtar, Director General of ORIC-Foundation University Islamabad, Pakistan presented the comparative analysis of innovation and commercialization in TIP countries and also discussed the stratigies to promote innovation and commercialization in regional countries. She focused on the significance of regional unity for the sustainable development and appreciate the step of Entrepreneurs Show as a future game changer in TIP/ECO countries.

Mr. Yasir Amjad, Head of BIC-ORIC-University of Management and Technology Lahore presented the entrepreneurship opportunities created by CPEC and named it as the next game changer of the region. He also discussed the potential of a big market of Lahore metropolitan city with a population of nearly 20 million and its location in the center of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor).

Prof. Dr. KUBİLAY KURTULUŞ BAŞTAŞ, Vice Dean of Faculty of Agriculture Selcuk University official welcome the guests from Pakistan and Iran and also the officials of Konya Teknokent. Dr. Kubilay announced that Selcuk University is a Turkish national university which is ready to collaborate with the academics and institutes from Pakistan and Iran.

Iranian Developing Entrepreneurs at 4th Entrepreneurs Show 2019

Right after the official welcome by Dr. Kubilay, presentations of developing entrepreneurs begin and this session started with the presentation of Mr. Amir Khalilian, CEO of ROSEPOST from Iran. He is also a BSc student of Software Engineering and discussed the role of universities in the transformation of a student to entrepreneur. He talked that even a university can produce an entrepreneur graduate but a university can also kill entrepreneurship skills of a student.

Ranking of academic journals in developing world is the key to show the scientific achievements of an academic institute and highest impact factor of a journal from developing world is 3.0 whereas highest impact factor in USA is 285. Interesting facts on academic journal management being presented by Dr. Monireh Bahrami, Co-founder of iMaQPress, a startup to improve ranking of scientific/academic journals.

Mr. Farhad Sotodeh, co-founder at WeAreColorz.com, a frontend developer presented the working of his startup which is giving a new life to websites and making them attractive, users friendly and as per international standards. He presented the reason that why several institutional websites of Iran-Turkey are having low ranking and compare there UX/UI experience with the highly ranked websites.

Mr. Vahid Sanati, CEO at ManoShop.ir, an Iranian startup developer and entrepreneur emphasis on the increment of regional trade between Pakistan-Iran-Turkey and presented that how e-stores could play a vital role in the exchange of Made-in-Pakistan/Iran/Turkey products in our local and city based markets. ManoShop is doing such kind of job and it’s the online store only for TIP countries products.

A Glimpse of Conference Hall of 4th Entrepreneurs Show –2019

The conference hall was full from opening to the closing ceremony with more than 300 participants including students, techno-preneurs, academics, policy makers and governmental officials from local departments. The conference hall has the capacity of 300 persons at one time, and rarely a free chair was available during the event.

Turkish Developing Entrepreneurs at 4th Entrepreneurs Show 2019

Konya city, the ancient capital of Sultanate of Rum and Selcuk Dynasty hosted the 4th Entrepreneurs Show 2019. The city is also known as the Anatolian capital for centuries and is famous for agricultural land. For centuries it remained the hub of agriculture for whole Anatolian region and current turkey. Currently, it is also the largest the agriculture center for turkey and contributes a much higher portion in the total GDP of republic of Turkey. The city is the focus by the government to transform into the Asian and global capital of agriculture is big industrial development can be seen in surrounds majority focusing on agriculture. The city population is not just focusing on agriculture development, but the young generation has been very modern and updated and also working on the development of IT infra structure to transform Konya as the IT capital of Turkey. The city is equipped with Konya Teknokent, Konya Innopark and several IT centers.

The turkish startup presenters start with an awesome application, filegoes.com by Mr. Mehmet Ozcan, Founder & CEO at Gm Bilişim Teknolojileri Elek. Yaz. Rek. Ve Tan. Sis İth. İhr. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. Its an application where you can store your personal files upto 5GB free and by using premium features, you can store and manage your files online with unlimited storage. Mustafa Banaz, CEO at Metrikon Kesici Takım Teknolojileri Arge Mühendislik Tasarım Danışmanlık Makina San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.which is manufacturer of parts and accessories of metalworking machine tools (except tool holders and other special accessories for self-tapping die heads, handles, separator heads and machine tools).

Mr. Emre Citak, R&D expert of Grafenbiotech Nano Teknoloji Mühendislik San.Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti who was speaking on the behalf of Dr. Halit Çavuşoğlu, CEO of the company. It is a Nanotechnology and Engineering company in order to produce value-added cost-effective nano-products. He presented Grafen coatings, a nano-particle produced at their company of valuable applications. Dr. Mustafa Nevzat Örnek, Faculty member of Selcuk University-Faculty of Technology and CEO of ÖRNEK OTOMASYON MAKİNALARI ROBOT SİST. TARIM HAY. VE DAN.SAN.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. which is an industrial design and installation firm for automatic production facilities (automation support to production groups). Two ladies, students of Selcuk University-Faculty of Agriculture, Zadife Emir and Nefise Bakan jointly presented their startup project which was organic root paint growing group which was a startup to produce the natural plant dyes and were commercializing it.

Mr. Aytekin Akkuş, Founder & CEO at VERD Arge Yazılım presented his companies working which is computer programming company working on the systems development, database & network management, web development and customer-specific software coding, etc. Mr. Ali Atlıoğlu, Co-founder of Pard Mühendislik Ve Otomasyon San. Tic. Ltd. Sti., was our last speaker in this session. He presented his company activities which is a scCO2 based preservation of food products.

Closing Remarks and Networking Meeting

Prof. Dr. Mithat Direk, the conference chairman presented the closing remarks at the end of 4th Entrepreneurs Show 2019 and named it a step towards the joining of developing entrepreneurs and academics from Turkey-Iran-Pakistan in a stronger relationship tie for sustainable development of region. After the event, networking meeting was organizing to meet the participants from Turkey-Iran-Pakistan for a stronger relationship and to share the mutual interests of working together and certificates were awarded to the entrepreneurs and academics from TIP countries.

Group Photo of 4th Entrepenerus Show 2019 with executives, organizing committee members, honorable speakers and startup co-founders after closing ceremony   Entrepreneurs Show 2019 Reports   Report Fig-1: Entrepreneurs Show 2019 Report published on Selcuk University Homepage.         Report Fig-2: Entrepreneurs Show 2019 Report published in Turkish Anadoluda Newspaper Report Fig-3: Entrepreneurs Show 2019 Report published on the homepage of Foundation University Islamabad, Pakistan       Report Fig-3: Entrepreneurs Show 2019 Report published on the homepage of University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan   4th Entrepreneurs Show –2019, Supported By  

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