ATP Academic (Azerbaijan-Turkey-Pakistan Academic Forum)

Academic intellectuals and experts play important role in the promotion of culture, policies and good picture of a country. Composed of post-graduate researchers and faculty members, these experts have a network and followers of hundreds of thousands and millions of young students and fresh graduates in their home countries. These youth and students are valuable assets and mostly are non-political and non-problematic part of a society because they are always looking for opportunities to establish their interest base career. Azerbaijan-Pakistan-Turkey are nations of young people as per estimate there are about 150 million youth and students from the total of 350+ million population. These young people and students of these countries if cooperate with each other and looked to setup their career in the regional countries or just they choose the regional countries as their short term stay destinations for trainings, relaxations and explorations, they can create a billion of dollars in turn over every year and this is achieved only if they establish good connections and interests there. ATP Academic (Azerbaijan-Turkiye-Pakistan Academic forum) is a proposed academic forum to be established a not-for-profit project based in Baku as a sole body to enhance university-university and research related collaborations between Pakistan and Azerbaijan while involving the already partnered Turkish Universities with Pakistan and Azerbaijan as a Baku based Tri-lateral collaboration secretariat of Academia. On the start it is proposed to organize an international conference in Baku inviting experts from Pakistan and Turkey and then sending an academic delegation of Azerbaijan to Pakistan to have an international seminar on culture and relations building in Pakistan.